By Rewa Dahal



Some Experiences With Grandma


This Is True.

I live with my grandma. She  is a old  but smart and active. She has grey hair, wrinkle in her body,weak body. She has all signs of ageing but we can she a kind of glow in her face. Her eyes are full of life and she a great love with life. Some people said that older age is the dark part of life. When I see my grandmother I know that she has a joyful, energetic and healthy life. She takes interest in every new things. She wants to make more friends. She loves the youngers and wants to learn modern things from the them. She always wears neat, tidy clothes. She can not read and write but she reads my face and guess everything about me.

Grandma In Happy Mood.

One day, at night, when I was become sick, my parents were worry about my health but my grandmother said them do not be worry and  give me some home remedy. After sometimes I feel well. I was  surprised and asked how does she know about the medicine. She put her hand on my head and said in lovely voice by the long experience. After that  event, I always called her doctor grandma.

When I go to market, I always search the cloth shop  for my grandma but I can not found. I found the cloth shop for my younger brother, for me, for my father, for my mother but I never found for my grandma. I think older people do not have the right for wearing the fashionable cloth suitable for them. One day when I go the grocery shop and asked ready made food for my grandma but the shopkeeper laughed and said there is no food produce only for older people. I think there is food for all ages but not for my grandma. I feel sad. Then I remember book for my grandma. I can not found the book for older people. We found the book for child, for youth, for adult but not for older people. Likewise I think about music, about park. I have not found the book where the writer has explained the older age is also a beautiful part of a life, just like childhood, adulthood. I can not found a song.I feel sorry for my grandma. I have a promise that I will change the situation for my grandma.

Grandma Feeling Happy With Her Grandson.

In our home, in family matter discussion my parents always involve my grandma. She has the solution of every problem. I think she is a magician. She know about   every festival, tradition, customs. My father always take suggestions from my grandma. When my grandma  give blessings for us, she has a different glow in her face. She alway feel proud in our success. I love my grandma and I always pray for her long healthy life.



Violence Against Women

President of Nepal Bidya Devi Bhandari


Woman, Word is  simple but holds complex meaning. Woman is a grandmother, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, inside the home and  president of a country, farmer, lawyer, bureaucrats outside the home. A women who is lawyer, she also does the the inside the home. So a woman is playing  two parallel  role at the same. beside this, reproductive role is common role of woman. She keeps baby nine months in  her stomach and gives birth. Labour pain is common for all women. Every woman has to bear it. She gives up her career, her dreams, everything  for   child and family. She does multiple roles but her  contribution in economy is limited because of the domestic responsibilities and reproductive responsibilities. These responsibilities are not taking as paid work.  When we ask a common woman, ‘what does she do’, she always says that nothing, She works more hours than a man do  but she can not get any money for her work so  she has to say she does not  do anything special.


Every woman has to right to get love, respect from her family and society. But all women can not get these easily. Most women are experiencing violence in the name of customs and tradition. According to UN,”violence against women” is understood as a violation of human rights and a form of discrimination against women.  All acts of violence results to physical, sexual, psychological or economic harm or suffering to women, including threats  occurring in public or in private life. Rape,Sexual assault,domestic violence,early marriage,femicide, female genital cutting, physical abuse,psychological/emotional abuse,sexual violence,verbal abuse,financial abuse,social abuse,religious abuse, elderly abuse are the forms of violence women are experiencing all over the world.


Globally violence against women is common. 1 in 3 women have experienced a kind of violence in worldwode. It is low in (23.2%) in developed reasons and high (37.7%) in south east Asia. Likewise globally 38% murders of women are committed by intimidated by partners.

In 1979, UN has declared a   Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Most of the countries has signed in the convention and has made provision to prevent the violence.

In Nepal many women facing different violence. Domestic violence, early marries, sexual abuse are common. Nepal is also a UN member and it is also trying to stop the it. Education is the main instrument to prevent the violence against women.

Picture Ageing Nepal

We have to Salute for the Contribution of Midwife


Midwife is Giving Service In  A Health Centre

Today, May 5, the international midwife day. A midwife is a professional in midwifery, specializing in pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, women’s sexual and reproductive health(including annual gynecological exams, family planning, menopausal care and others), and newborn care. In this profession, a special  health training is provided mostly for women to assist in care of a women before and after the child birth.

In least developed countries like Nepal maternal mortality is very high. According to recent DHS survey 281 mother has died before and after the birth of child which is very high in comparison of developed countries.  Midwives are those who have been contributing in rural area where doctor are not available easily. They are very closed to mother and newbern. Midwives  are the agent to informed villager women  about their health check up, give birth baby in the observation of health worker,  care of newborn.

In some college and university in Nepal has started higher study of midwife which is very helpful to improve maternal health. Nepal government has to give more emphasis in midwifery education and midwife service. Midwife are providing in twenty-four hours health services in our villages for our mothers. So we have to salute their contribution.

Midwife with new born

Need A UN Convention For Older People

Picture- Age International

According to UN, Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. These all rights are preserved by Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948 by UN general Assembly. This was the historical achievement of all human beings around the world. This is the right for the every human being. To provide the special right for the disadvantaged group UN has declared different convention. In 1979 it was declared. The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), in 1989 Convention on the Child Right, in 2006 Right of Persons with Disabilities and Optional Protocol.

picture HelpAge International

Elderly people are also the disadvantaged group of all societies. They are also facing differents problems. Elderly is the later part of human life. In this stage all human beings are mentally and physically weak. They have given their best and productive age for the family, society and the nation. but in the old age they have to face age discrimination in everywhere.

Why do older people Need convention?

UN can make all the countries to eradicate all forms of the age discrimination from the societies through the convention. Older people are facing different forms of discrimination in society, in family. they are facing abuse from their family and other people. In Nepal they can not use their property without permission of their children because of different legal provisions.  The convention provide a comprehensive and systematic framework for the protection and promotion of all human rights in older age. UN convention gives the clear picture of these all things.

What a life!!!!!!!!!

The Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing.

The UN established the Open-ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWG) in 2010. Its purpose is to strengthen the protection of older people’s rights by reviewing how existing instruments address older people’s rights, identify gaps in protection, and explore the feasibility of new instruments. OEWG is doing best towards it. We have to support it. We have to remember that’ EVERYBODY HAS TO BE OLD, IF WE GET THE CONVENTION WE CAN ENJOY  ALL THESE RIGHTS IN OUR OLDERAGE’.





Elderly people Are Burden for Society

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An Older Man From Nepal

Old age is known as the later part of life. It is the period of life after youth and middle age.  But at what age old age begins cannot be universally defined because it differs according to the context. There are no commonly used definitions of elderly age because there is no general agreement on the age at which a person becomes old. So the age of a person can be defined in many ways, according to biological, psychological and socio-cultural processes. UN has defined old age in the basis of the longevity of a person.  Africa longevity of people is very low. Due to this the old age begins just after 50. In Asia longevity is more than Africa, so old age begins 60. In Europe and America the longevity is very high so old age begins at 65.  Most of the researches show that fewer older people are physically and mentally depended on others. We see that most of the elderly are active in different field till the death.

An Elderly Couple Are Working In The Agricultural Field.

Nepal is a agricultural country. Most of the younger people are migrated in urban area and some are in abroad. In most of the remote area elderly people doing all the agricultural activities without the help of youngers and modern technology. Rearing and caring of cattle is another job of the villagers older people . We see nepali village are converting as the old age home. Youngers are come in only in festivals  like Dashain, Tihar (Dashain and Tihar are the greatest festivals of Nepali) with their family.

An Elderly Man Is Making Basket From Bamboo.

Traditional skill like weaving, making different types of art in wood, stone are the a huge treasure of Nepali. Because of the modernization youngers do not interest in this field. But older people are still actively doing their jobs.

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An Elderly Women is Caring Her Grandchild.

Caring  and socialization of grandchildren is another important duty of the older people around the world ( for more please see  Importance of Elderly )Household activities is another responsibility of older people in most part of the world. Mostly elderly women do cooking,washing dishes, cleaning rooms, washing clothes.

An Elderly Women Is Selling Vegetables in Street.

We see some of the older people are doing small business in street. in cities area we meet elderly people doing small business, selling tea in small tea stall.

An Elderly Man is Satisfied with his Life.

Elderly people are the treasure of the society. They teach the youngers about tradition, customs and culture. But many youngers think they are the burden of the society. Are they right?

Family Relation of Elderly

Mother is celebrating Festival with Her Family.

Family is a a important unit in all over the world. According Nepali tradition we  have been living in  the joint family for a long time. “Live together” and “sharing and caring”  are  Nepali culture and tradition. . Sharing and caring is most  important factor in joint family system. Older member is the head of the family and younger obey his/her decisions and suggestions. Younger  always respect the elder and elder loves the younger. This this makes elderly honour and respected. In this way in joint family system is the best place for ever older people in all over the word.


Grandmother With Her Grand Daughter.

Elderly people always  be happy in their family progress. In a research when we met older people they always talked about their grandchildren. When talking about their grandchildren we saw different glow  in their faces. They said that their grandchildren are the reason for their live. They want to live more to see the their progress. All grandparents see their childhood in their grandchild. In nepali culture grandchildren are taken as interest. Interest is more valuable than principal.

Family relation is more important for older people. Physically and mentally they are not strong. they need love and support from youngers. youngers have to show that they are always with their parents. But in most modern societies children put their parents in  old age home, nurshing home, care centre. In nepali culture children can not keep their parents  easily. Because the social practice  is  caring the old parents is the duty of their children.

Let’s say proudly, ‘I am living with my lovely parents’  and never said “my parents live with me”.

Grandparents Stories for Grandchildren
Grandparents Stories for Grandchildren